Safety Measures to Follow When Using Air Rifles

Most of the people who take up the sport of hunting or shooting do it for the thrill and adventure involved in it. It is always nice to have some thrilling moments in your life which can really give you some adrenaline rush. However, this rush should come from hitting the target right and killing it and not from getting your own self injured due to your carelessness in handling the air gun properly. Therefore, when dealing with any sort of air, be is an air rifle or BB gun, it is absolutely necessary that the same done with extreme safety and care. All the guidelines with respect to safety need to be understood and followed completely.


Self Safety

air rifle safety tips

If the air rifle is not handled properly, it can cause some major injuries to the shooter himself. The shooter may get severe burns from the heat produced by these guns. There is also an inherent risk of backfire from these air guns which can also cause some major wounds on the shooter. Another risk associated with using on these guns is that to the eyes. There are many other forms of injuries which a shooter can sustain if he does not handle the gun properly. Every gun comes with a manual, and this manual recommends and suggests the best ways in which the gun should be handled. If all these guidelines are followed properly, then the chances of any personal injury get reduced drastically.


Safety Of Others

Just as it is important for the shooter to make sure that no harm comes to his self when using these guns, it is the primary responsibility that when he is shooting from his gun, it should not cause injury or damage to anyone else, except the target. The air rifles used for hunting are nothing but machines at the end of the day and therefore, there is always the risk of the pellets, released from it, going astray and hitting something nearby the target instead of the target itself. Thus, the shooter needs to ensure that before he takes the shot, everything around the target is clear and there is no one present nearby who can get hurt from the shot in case it loses its way.


Close Range Shooting

Proper way to hold a Gamo Bone Collector

Proper way to hold a Gamo Bone Collector

One of the safest and best ways of shooting is to do it in either closed ranges or small and restricted areas. There are kill zones which have been designated by the law and only hunters are allowed inside these areas. Therefore, the chances of the general public coming in your way while shooting get reduced. Besides this, for those people, who have taken up shooting as a sport, there are shooting rings which have been made by the various sports authorities and these rings or shooting arena are completely safe for practicing shooting.


Safety is the primary concern of all people at all times. No matter what game or activity you are involved in, you need to follow the prescribed safety measures for the same and then only will you be able to enjoy it without any tension.

How to Choose the Best Water Softening System

If you consider the fact that nearly 85% of America has a hard water problem a water softener is probably a good investment for you to make. The hard minerals known as calcium and magnesium can cause a lot of problems such as dried out skin and hair, dingy clothes and the formation of lime scale in pipes and plumbing. While hard water isn’t actually a health problem it can be rather annoying to deal with and can be rather costly to your home and appliances. To make sure you get the best water softener for your home you will need to know these few tips and you will have perfectly good soft water in no time.


How to Find the Best Softener


Having an improper sized water softener in your home will mean you are either paying too much for a size you don’t need or even worse running out of soft water because your unit simply can’t keep up with the demand. Finding the best sized water softener isn’t too hard though it just requires a few simple steps that are easy to take.

For starters you will want to go buy a hard water test kit to see exactly the level of hard minerals in your water or otherwise known as GPG or grains per gallon. After you figure out what the GPG levels are in your water you will want to times this number by the average use of gallons of water in your home per week. To find this number just take the number of people in your home and times it by 100 which is the average use of gallons of water per person. Once you figure out the total number you will want to buy a water softener that has a grain removal capacity higher than that number to ensure you have enough soft water at all times. Of course if you use more water than your average person you will want to get an even bigger size.

To make absolutely sure you want to buy a water softener then read these benefits below:

  • Whiter clothes
  • Longer lifespan of clothing
  • Brighter dishes and silverware
  • No more lime scale in pipes and appliances
  • Longer lifespan of water based appliances
  • Softer skin and hair
  • No more nasty soap scum formation

If all these benefits sounds good to you then you might want to consider buying a water softening system. Before you make a decision though you should also know the cons of buying one of these units which we also have listed below:

  • Large initial purchase
  • Have to pay to get installed or do it yourself
  • Constant buying of salt or potassium
  • Takes up space
  • Takes out healthy drinking minerals
  • Adds a low level of sodium to your water

If you are on a sodium restricted diet then you will either have to buy potassium to get the desired soft water but this is usually about three times more expensive which turns a lot of people away. You can consider buying a descaler but be warned this won’t actually get rid of the hard minerals but rather stabilize them for a couple hours or so depending on the descaler. You will still have almost all of the negative side effects but your pipes and water appliances will be better off without the formation of lime scale. Of course wherever water sits for a couple hours at a time lime scale will still form. Hopefully this article will help you find the top rated water softener for you and your family’s needs and remember to read reviews before ever making that final purchase. When it comes to your water you shouldn’t take any shortcuts.

Top Rated Portable Tankless Water Heater

The reason I’m showing you this video today is to give you a good idea of how a portable tankless water heater works and what benefits you can get from having one. With the Eccotemp L5 you will now have to perfect solution to getting hot water for a shower whether you are going camping or just want to wash off before swimming in the pool. Out of all the portable waters heaters I’ve tested on the market I definitely have to say this is the best one.

A few important features include:

  • 5 Gallon Per Minute
  • 13 Pounds
  • Shuts off automatically after 20 minutes
  • Shower head included
  • Battery operated so no need for electricity
  • Uses liquid propane


If you check the reviews online of the Eccotemp L5 you will see almost nothing but positive reactions to this wonderful tankless water heater. So if you’re looking for the perfect solution for hot water on the go then this might just be the right water heater for you. Get this extremely popular showerhead water filter if you want the water to be purified for bathing reasons.

Best PCP Air Rifle of 2015 – Benjamin Marauder

When I was a little kid I started off shooting cans with a BB gun that is still very popular today known as the Red Ryder. Being able to shoot targets was a lot of fun to me and made me feel like I was shooting a real gun. As I grew older though instead of switching to shooting real guns I started shooting air rifles due to the fact that bullets are far too expensive. Since pellets are relatively cheap you can go out and shoot all day without spending too much money or having a sore shoulder from too much recoil.

In the world of airguns there are many different types of models you can get such as spring-piston, single pump gas ram, and PCP. The best type of model would have to be PCP air rifles although they are much more expensive than the rest. This is because PCP air rifles shoot pellets further and more accurate, have less recoil, and are just more fun to shoot all around. Due to the lack of recoil you can actually watch your target get hit through the scope and if the Suns behind you then you can even watch the flight path of the pellet in good lighting. If you are looking to get the best PCP air rifle possible I would have to recommend the Benjamin Marauder. At a price range of just under $500 it can be a little expensive but just give it a chance and you will see it’s definitely worth the high price tag.


Review of the Benjamin Marauder

Now that you know what makes PCP air rifles so great compared to the other types of airgun models let’s get to reviewing the Benjamin Marauder to see if this is the best air rifle for you. The model I’m reviewing today is the 0.177 caliber version that can shoot up to 1100 FPS. This is plenty of power for hunting purposes and can be used to shoot small game such as raccoons and possums. If you want something a little bit more powerful you could get a 22 caliber or 25 caliber model instead although it will be much more expensive. Which model is right for you all depends on the size of animals that you are looking to hunt.

What I really love so much about the Benjamin Marauder is the insane accuracy this airgun has right off the shelf. The shrouded barrel is rifled and even has resonance dampening which makes it extremely quite as well. If you do happen to miss your target which is very unlikely for an air rifle of this caliber it is always good to know that the air gun is quiet so your target won’t be able to hear you so you can shoot again. This PCP air rifle is so good in fact that it won bestseller online on a very popular air rifle site from 2010 to 2014.

best pcp air rifle

Unlike most air rifles that have a break barrel design that you have to reload one pellet after another the Marauder has a 10 round clip with auto indexing feature. This makes shooting much more fun and allows you to quickly shoot your target again if you happen to miss. To shoot this air rifle you will need to use compressed air from 2000 and 3000 psi and you will have to make adjustments as shown in the owner’s manual. I always crank my air rifle up to max velocity but this is only because I’m usually hunting when I pull this bad boy out.

To help with the accuracy even more a two stage adjustable match trigger is included to make the pull of the trigger even better. Not to mention this trigger is metal which gives it a very high quality feel that you know won’t break on you. Since I’m sure you are looking to install a scope you will need to make sure to get one that can fit on a 11m dovetail mount. Overall I have to say that I really love the Benjamin Marauder and it’s by far one of the best PCP air rifles currently available on the market today. If you’re just an average shooter you will probably want to get a spring piston model but if you’re looking to shoot something of a little higher quality than the Benjamin Marauder might just be for you.


Advantages of Using a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

A water filter that is very renowned in the market is the reverse osmosis. This water filtration system undoubtedly brings many advantages which we will be talking about today.


The Advantages of a Reverse Osmosis Filter

These water filters stand in the market for being the most effective in purifying water. In terms of technology reverse osmosis is not new and has been used for about 40 years and it is still just as effective as ever.

reverse osmosis
Actually there are many advantages to be gained by using these pure water filters for your home such as:
• The main advantage of this filter that you should know is that thanks to its technology, reverse osmosis water may remove all the impurities that pollute your water. This way when you drink water that’s been through one of these filters you know you are actually drinking purified water.
• You must also know that the origin of this filtering system was in the 70s and it was used in order to achieve a method of removing salt from seawater. The method proved to be very effective and above all cheaper than the other alternatives.
• With respect to reverse osmosis, also known as RO, it is not only currently used for water purification but also used in the recovery of waste and also in the field of medicine. So keep in mind that a reverse osmosis filter for the home is as effective as industrial machines that comprise the system.
• It is essential to consider that the filters that are currently most often used are carbon-based. In this case the osmosis system has a great advantage in that the former are not able to perform a complete water filtration.
• Thus, the reverse osmosis filter completely eliminates out of water pollutants such as heavy metals, nitrites, sediments, poisons, herbicides, nitrates and much more. In the case of a single carbon filter it purifies sediment, herbicides and chlorine, which the reverse osmosis system also removes as well.
Thus it is evident that the major advantage that comes with a reverse osmosis over most other water filters is that it completely purifies water which comes with many benefits.
Do not forget that most reverse osmosis systems will keep some of the good minerals in water that help us to have good health.

You Should Bring Home a Reverse Osmosis Filter

If you are looking to purify the water in your home then you should definitely look into getting a reverse osmosis system as it is one of the best filters for your home, especially if there are pregnant women in the environment or nursing.
Also you should have it as a primary option if there are small children in the home and especially so if you live near a mining and agricultural work community.

Why You Should you own a Whole House Water Filter

Water is a vital resource in our lives and thankfully it comes easily to each of our homes. Just open the tap and we have the one of the most important necessities of life but often do not think about the quality of the water we are consuming. If the quality of you water isn’t very good then you should definitely consider getting a whole house water filter.

Why a Water Filter is Important


When we drink water we hydrate our bodies and give the liquid required to remove toxins that enter our body through food and the environment. But for good hydration and elimination of toxins the body requires pure water.
While many people think that the tap water we drink is pure, in reality often it is not anywhere close.
Given this statement many will wonder what type of impurities are in the water that they are drinking. Well, just so were clear some of the elements commonly found in tap water make it not so beneficial.

whole house water filter
To begin, we must recognize the presence of chlorine as a disinfectant is added to water. Of course drinking chlorine is no good but did you know bathing in it is bad for you as well? When water begins steaming in the shower you are breathing it in as well which can lead to many problems. The good news is that water filters can remove chlorine from water.
It should also be known that water may also contain chloramine, which according to studies can generate digestive problems, skin, blood or kidneys.
As you can see for starters these are just some of the disadvantages of drinking tap water but if you use a whole house water filter you can effectively eliminate these problems. Now that you know about these elements and their drawbacks we need to talk about other components that are commonly present in tap water that can help you decide if you should own a water filter in your home.
Common substances in water
Among the substances found in the water we consume these are the biggest impurities you need to know about:
• Heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, chromium or arsenic. These are some of the metals that can be found in water and which are obviously unhealthy.
• Also found in water are concentrations of fluoride that is unnecessary and harmful to the body.
• Due to the agricultural industry and its frequent use of chemical pesticides these can also be found in the water we drink which are clearly toxic.
• Now although chlorine is added to kill microorganisms and bacteria in the water, many times they do not die and the water is contaminated.
• Also we cannot fail to mention the presence of organic material, which besides giving a bad taste and aroma to water is also bad for the body.

Consuming all of the impurities frequently by drinking tap water is simply not good for you and a whole house water filter seems to be the perfect solution. So if you care about the water that you and your family drink then you might want to consider getting a water filter as soon as possible.

Best Review of the Beginner Crosman Recruit

Even though I recommend the Daisy Powerline 880 as my favorite air rifle for kids I would have to say that the Crosman Recruit is definitely in a close second place. This is one of the other air rifles that I bought to compare against the 880 you have to admit sometimes I kind of like this one more. It really depends on how you look at the two air rifles and the only reason I went with the 880 was just because of the slightly higher velocity it shot at and the fact it came with safety glasses. This air rifle though is actually a little bit cheaper and that’s why I figured I would review it as well. Sometimes people only want to pay a small amount of money for something that will just be used for fun and this way they can. Hopefully you enjoy my review of the Crosman Recruit and can decide if buying one is right for you.


Crosman Recruit

crosman recruit review

Now don’t think that this air rifle doesn’t have much power to it as it should set a whopping 680 ft./s which is actually pretty good. This airgun can also use both pellets and BBs which is always a useful feature. The pellets are stored in a five round clip that is easy to load while the BBs are stored in a 200 round reservoir. To use this air rifle all you have to do is pump it a few times depending on how fast you want to shoot. I don’t recommend pumping any more than 10 times as it will only damage the internals and it won’t even shoot any faster.

The optics that is included with this rifle is a 4 x 15 scope though it is nothing fancy. If you plan on using the Recruit for a while you might want to invest in the better scope of this is all up to personal preference. My favorite aspect of this air rifle though is the adjustable stock which is really nice even though it’s made out of plastic. I was surprised to see how well this model shot compared to more expensive guns but actually did pretty well. For a beginner it really doesn’t get much better than this and I’m sure any kid or adult would most definitely enjoy to have this airgun in their collection. To end this review I must recommend that you always practice proper safety precautions and maybe even go out and invest in a pair of safety glasses to take proper care of your eyes. Shooting air rifles is surely a lot of fun but it is definitely not a toy.



Overall Best Air Rifle for Kids or Beginners

If you are looking to get your son or daughter an air rifle then you want to get one that is both affordable and reliable. Of course you can always just buy them a BB gun like the Red Ryder but if you want something with a little bit more power than out have to recommend Daisy’s next best thing which is the 880 Powerline. This air rifle usually comes in a kit for a low price of around $60 and out have to say it’s not only the best air rifle for kids but also any beginner to the hobby. Without wasting any more time let’s jump straight into the review of the Daisy 880 Powerline.


Top Air Rifle for Kids and Beginners

When first starting off shooting air rifles you want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment such as safety glasses, pellets and even a scope for better accuracy. Luckily the 880 Powerline Kit comes with all that and more.

best kids air rifle

Included with this kit is:

  • 4 x 15 mm scope
  • 500 Daisy pellets
  • 750 BBs
  • Safety goggles

All those accessories plus a one year limited warranty makes this kit in extremely good deal for the low price of $60. This amazing air rifle for beginners can shoot BBs up to 750 ft./s and pellets 715 ft./s. While this isn’t enough power for you to go hunting with it is plenty for a kid or beginner who is just looking to do some plinking in the backyard. I guess you could hunt small rodents with this air rifle but I would honestly recommend something with a little bit more power just in case.

The 880 Powerline is actually what is known as a multi-pump pneumatic rifle which means for each pump you do you get a little bit more power when you shoot. Anything over 10 pumps though will do nothing more so it is not recommended to go over 10. I do recommend to properly adjust your scope at a range you seem fit to make sure you get the best accuracy possible. If done right you should have no problem getting a target such as a can every time at a range of around 30 yards. So if you are looking for the best air rifle for your kids or if you are a beginner yourself definitely get the Daisy 880 Powerline Kit and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



The Extremely Popular Culligan FM-15A Review

If you’re an avid drinker of bottled water then you might want to look into getting a faucet water filter. The biggest reason is so you can eliminate the amount of plastic in the environment but saving lots of money over time does come in a close second. Luckily one of the best faucet water filters can actually be bought for a really cheap price. The Culligan FM-15A can be bought for a low price of around $25 and if you don’t believe its best then check out the thousands of positive reviews online just to reassure you. Without wasting any more time let get right to this review so you can begin getting cheaper and more ecofriendly drinking water in no time.


Culligan FM-15A Review

Besides just being a great faucet water filter overall the Culligan FM-15A can even be installed in seconds so It takes no time at all to get refreshing drinking water. You simply just have to mount it directly onto your old faucet and the best part is it doesn’t even require tools. You can toggle the drinking water on and off by simply pulling the diverter valve stem. Whenever the filter has gone through 200 gallons you just replace the filter with a new one and you are good to go.


The filter in the Culligan FM-15A removes a lot of impurities from the water including:

  • Atrazine
  • Lindane
  • Sediment
  • Lead
  • Turbidity
  • Nominal Particulate Class l

On top of removing those impurities this faucet water filter also reduces cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, chlorine, as well as bad tastes and odor. Out of all the models on the market today none bring this high of quality to such a low price range. If you do decide to buy the Culligan FM-15A then I’m sure you wont be disappointed in the slightest.

Gamo Silent Cat Review

If you are looking for one of the best air rifles for hunting but don’t want to spend a lot of money then I’m sure you will be interested in the Gamo Silent Cat. This incredible air rifle can be had for under $150 and in my opinion that’s an absolute bargain.

Don’t just take our word for it though, read through the hundreds of positive reviews online and you will see that this is a highly sought after air gun. Today we will be going over all the great qualities the Gamo Silent Cat brings to the table so you can decide if you want to buy one for yourself. If you do happen to buy the Silent Cat don’t be afraid to leave your own review so help other people with making their purchase as well.


Unbiased Review of the Gamo Silent Cat

best review of the gamo silent cat

There are two main aspects to the Gamo Silent Cat that makes it so popular and that is the 1200 FPS with PBA ammunition and the noise dampener that reduces noise but to 52%. So now you have an extremely powerful air rifle that can hunt small game and keep them from ever using hearing you. Besides being extremely effective the noise dampener also gives the air rifle a really cool look that makes it seem as if you are shooting some sort of sniper rifle.

Of course no sniper rifle would be considered complete without a scope so this model comes with a 4X32 scope included which is actually really well-made. Everything from the all-weather synthetic stock to the ventilated rubber pad for increased recoil absorption are extremely high quality as well.

Last thing I have to mention in this review is the accuracy and wow does the Silent Cat surely bring it. At a range of about 25 yards I can pretty much shoot in the same spot every time so that’s definitely good. Overall I would have to say this is one of my favorite air rifles and definitely so for the price range. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and can make a better decision when it comes to purchasing this air rifle.